In Progress: Relaxing and Renewing…


My lack of posting is due to a much-needed vacation at the beach. Just a week away from city life, work and responsibilities.

My family and I are at one of our favorite beach areas in Delaware, sandwiched between the privacy of a small beach, boardwalk and a downtown area. Our days consist of relaxing on the beach, swimming, playing tennis, eating delicious seafood and enjoying each other’s company.

Being away from my normal environment and having more time to relax makes me realize that sometimes we all just need a break from our everyday agendas and remember what is important in life. Living at the beach for the week has made me feel connected to nature again; as the sand sifts beneath my toes, the sun kisses my shoulders, and the spray of the waves breathes new life to my body, I can focus on the bigger things in life.

I’ve had time to reflect upon my lifestyle and feel that living simpler isn’t all that bad. A few things: re-wearing clothes from the small bundle in my suitcase, not wearing any makeup except lip balm, eating smaller portions, being active everyday, buying only what we need, spending time away from electronics and spending time with each other….

Respecting the ocean and seeing the Earth’s beauty everyday fills me with happiness and energy, especially since I can share this with people whom I love. I anticipate each day: when the sun streams through my window, when we race to the beach with our blankets and chairs, curling up to read my books, splashing in the water and inhaling the fresh, salt-filled air.

I wish I didn’t have to leave the beach and that the only decision I’d have everyday would be which bathing suit to wear each morning…


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