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Try Beauty Products Virtually with GlamST

Every Friday after elementary school I couldn’t wait to get home, boot up my family’s good ol’ PC and get lost in a drawer-full of computer games. (Yes, besides being a bookwarm, I was that kind of kid.) One of my favorite games featured a virtual fashion wardrobe (a-la-Cher’s closet from Clueless) where you could pick out a whole outfit and digitally try it on an uploaded picture of yourself or a digital model. I mean, it was the 90s so this semi-worked/sort of looked real but nonetheless it provided me with many gleeful hours of childhood fashion delight.

It’s such a simple concept– the virtual try-on, yet something so beloved in my memory especially because it sent my imagination (and imaginary wishlist) soaring.

Here’s a 21st-century beauty twist on the virtual makeover: GlamST.

This new digital application allows you to virtually try-on and purchase beauty products. Through an online community and through social media, GlamST users can also recommend and receive product suggestions, browse the product catalog and looks from other users and interact with experts and users for advice.

“GlamST is the new platform that helps women find adequate beauty products. It combines the technology of a virtual tester, an intelligent algorithm for recommendations and social interaction between users to help choose beauty products online”

GlamST was founded by 2 female telematic engineers from Uruguay as a start-up 2.5 years ago. Apparently the initial version of GlamST is used by L’Oreal Uruguay as a point-of-sale program. According to the brand, the application has the following features:

– Try virtual makeup on your own picture
– Save your looks
– Share your look inside the platform
– View and try looks from the community
– View catalog of products

Watch this YouTube video to see a quick demo of the program here.

Currently, GlamST is available for free download at the Windows 8 App store but the web platform will be launched in December.

The idea behind GlamST is intriguing and I’d be interested to see how well the technology works and what the online community would be like. I’m looking forward to trying out the web platform in December as a throwback to the many hours spent virtually shopping my dream closet and now maybe virtually shopping my dream beauty counter…

As for my dreams of having the same closet as Cher’s in Clueless, there is a new product that makes this a reality now. It’s called, Swivel. Ah, technology.

Would you try GlamST? What are your thoughts on virtual try-on technologies?

This post is sponsored by BrandBacker. Images from Mashable and courtesy of GlamST.

was not paid to write this post but only inspired by the information provided to me and my willingness to share this brand to my readers. This is my honest opinion.


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