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Green Beauty Characters Tag


Thanks to Katie from The Green Product Junkie  for tagging me in this beauty tag! I love reading other bloggers’ answers to tags and this one had some fun questions. This tag was originally started by Sonja from Life in Blush.

On my nightstand you’ll find: My alarm clock, my phone, EOS lip balms I’ve been trying to finish for a while now,  L’Ocittane Shea Butter hand cream (looking for something more natural that’s just as creamy/moisturizing),  lavender essential oil and the latest stack of books I’m reading (usually 3 at one time).

The literary character I’m most like is (take this quiz and share your answer!): According to the quiz, I’m most like Juliet from Romeo and Juliet! Perhaps I’ve always been driven by my emotions and a hopeless romantic…

I’m currently obsessed with: Facial oils and facial masks/scrubs. Specifically, I’m loving May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt, S.W. Basics’ Hibiscus Mask, Pai Skincare’s Rosehip Oil and Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil.

My favorite superhero is: Hmm, Spiderman? He was really just a dorky, smart teenage kid who got bit by a radioactive spider and uses his super spidey powers for good. I always liked that he was always just being himself just with added super powers.

Favorite beauty product of 2013: I’ve probably said it too many times but, Pai Skincare Rosehip Oil. I just love it!

If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive: Probably my grandfather. He died when I was young and I wish I had known him better. There are so many stories I want to hear from his point of view.

Winter is coming, how do you prep your skin for battle? Regular exfoliation with facial masks, cleansing with facial oils and moisturizing to protect from the dry, flakey areas that are always inevitable this time of year. My favorite multi-use product for preventing dry, winter skin is One Love Organics’ Skin Savior.

My perfect date night makeup consists of: A smokey eye, volumizing mascara, defined cheeks and sultry red or berry lips. I’m always employing my Juice Beauty Lash Defining Mascara for flirty lashes, ILIA Beauty’s Illuminator in Sway for contoured cheeks and recently for lips, Kjaer Weis’ lip tint in Goddess.

My go-to-skin-beautifying snack/drink is: I drink a lot of tea daily and I think it definitely relaxes and energizes me. I’ve been trying Kombucha tea which I like and is good for the skin from its probiotic component and its many antioxidant properties. I love a good matcha tea too.

My tv boyfriend is: I’m so behind with t.v. these days but I always liked Chris Messina on The Mindy Project. He’s just so sarcastic, caring, funny and doesn’t know how hot he really is.

If my evening clutch could hold only one beauty item it would be: lipstick. Specifically loving ILIA Beauty’s Arabian Nights, a moisturizing, amazing berry lip tint.

One beauty tip I would pass on to my fictional daughter is: A little something my own mom always said to me: Never leave the house without at least a little lip color or mascara, you never know who you’re going to run into!

The most nostalgic item from my childhood is: A doll my parents gave me when I was born.

My favorite show of the moment is: I don’t watch too much t.v. but I’ve just finished all the seasons of Orange is the New Black on Netflix and I’m obsessed. The storyline and characters are so interesting and it is addicting to watch. Homeland is the most recent show I’ve started watching and I love it. Claire Danes is awesome!

My favorite quote is: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I now tag: Bailey from Bailey Blush, Asti from Skjonnhet, Brenda from The Wanderlusting Beauty, Mary from Pure Makeup and Kim from Kimberly Loc. Rules: Answer these questions, tag other bloggers and link back to my blog and Life in Blush.

Thanks for reading! Want to join in? Let me know your answers too!


2 thoughts on “Green Beauty Characters Tag

  1. Yeah, OITNB is great AND my friend is on it, so I’m super psyched. Love Homeland, too. EOS lip balms take about 14 1/2 years to finish, so brace yourself! Great read. K

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