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Animal Kingdom: “India Song” by Karen Knorr

I’m captivated by this photo series, “India Song” from London-based photographer, Karen Knorr. Photographing the beautiful interiors of palaces, shrines and sacred places of the Mughal Empire and the royal Rajput clan, Knorr curiously interposes digital images of animals into these architectural sites. The photos were inspired by myths and stories of Northern India and consider topics of caste, femininity and its relationship to the animal world.

Knorr reflected that this series “uses animal characters to playfully evoke the foibles of power and the melancholy of its abuses.”
The animals are “inhabiting such grand interiors evokes a curious sense of dislocation, a realization that for all their affluence, power, taste and vanity, the well-born nobles of the Mughal Empire are long extinct.”
I absolutely love the use of color, shadow and stunning architectural surroundings to evoke these reflective topics represented by a group of regal animals. What are your thoughts?

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