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SkinFare Coconut Oil Lotion Sticks Review

skinfare4 As a lover of unique, sustainable design, product packaging is one of the first things I’m attracted to when I’m shopping around (minus of course, honing in on a product’s ingredients list). The North Carolina-based skincare company, SkinFare offers a line of organic skincare lotion sticks that contain organic, essential oil ingredients and are housed in a compostable, biodegradable, recycled paper applicator. These lotion sticks are aptly described by SkinFare as a semi-solid skin salve” and can be applied on the face and body. SkinFare kindly reached out to me for a chance to try their skincare lotion sticks and I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the products were and how quickly they fit into my daily life and skincare routine. skinfare3 Coconut oil, palm fruit oil, beeswax and castor oil are the 4 main, organic ingredients at the basis of each SkinFare lotion stick formulation in addition to the other natural, USDA Certified Organic ingredients in each stick. The exact ingredients vary by stick as there are 5 different SkinFare lotion sticks ($9.99 each/0.8oz), each of which can be used to remedy a specific skin issue:

  • Apothecary Prime: VANISH acne & blemishes a sweet and sensual concoction, like smelling a magical flower;  chamomile, sage and thyme combine to heal, soothe and clarify any surface of your skin. Apply daily on acne prone areas to treat and prevent breakouts.
  • Thunder Cake: SOOTHE painful irritations a delicious batter of nutmeg, clove and anise, Thunder Cake will energize, relieve and protect your skin, with comfort and aroma like a wonderful cake. Apply frequently on chafing, sores, burns to ease inflammation. Contains only USDA Certified Organic ingredients. Recycled paper applicator is compostable.
  • Verdent Remedy: LIGHTEN dark circles, scars, sunspots smells like a grassy field. Its rich oils of galbanum, bergamot and basil are refreshing and lively, a summer day of flavor. Tone, restore and brighten your skin. Apply daily on scars, sun damage, age spots to fade discoloration.
  • Heirloom Elixir: HYDRATE dry & scaly patchesa sunny, sweet garden of ginger, carrot and spearmint. Its healthy richness will invigorate, tighten and refresh your skin, all over. Apply frequently on rough or chapped areas for deep moisturization.
  • Topical Nourishment: HEAL wounds, cracks, damaged skin As if one drew a wand of faint sweetness through the air, with hints of lemongrass and rosemary on the wind, Topical Nourishment sinks deep into your skin to defend, balance and repair. Apply frequently to abrasions and damaged skin to promote repair.

While there are so many varied uses for SkinFare lotion sticks, I found myself easily using them all because each remedy is so practical for daily life. I think SkinFare lotion sticks are essential, everyday products for anyone and can make great, small gifts. I brought these along on a ski trip and they were so handy for on-the-go use, either in my purse or in my ski jacket whenever I needed to moisturize or share with someone. The Thunder Cake and Topical Nourishment sticks were great to have on the ski slopes! skinfare2 I love the easy-to-use push-up stick design, portable and compostable packaging as well as the attractive, bright, color-coded designs. The first thing I thought of were these push-up ice pops from my childhood. Do you remember those? All the SkinFare lotion sticks are moisturizing, gentle and smell delicious. I didn’t notice any irritation or dryness to my skin after using SkinFare either. The sticks are affordable at $9.99 each and even though I used most sticks on a daily basis, I found the products to last a while. I love how multi-use they are!

My favorite SkinFare sticks were Apothecary Prime, Heirloom Elixir and Verdent Remedy. I loved using Apothecary Prime as a spot treatment and did notice acne and small blemishes slowly disappear or lessen in redness. Using daily seemed to treat skin and prevent my blemishes from increasing. Another recommended use for this product which I haven’t tried, is as a face primer before applying makeup. The Verdent Remedy has a distinct grassy, herb scent which is not my favorite but I like applying this to dark circles on my face. It definitely seems to have lightened up small spots and helped with sunspots. My absolute favorite stick is the Heirloom Elixir because it is such a great multi-use moisturizer. It becomes creamy and hydrating when rubbed on the skin and I love using it to moisturize my cuticles, hands and dry spots on my face. Plus, the ingredients (main ingredients + ginger, carrot and spearmint) smell SO good I want to eat it everyday I use it!!

If you want to try out these lotion sticks, SkinFare was kind enough to give my readers 25% off any orders at! Use my special code: Plein25 at checkout until 3/31/2014 (Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts.)

Have you tried any SkinFare products? If so, which ones? Which SkinFare products would you most want to try and why?

Learn more about SkinFare online, follow them on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. 


*Products were provided to me for my consideration. Review is based on my own, honest opinions. I am never compensated for my honest opinion.


15 thoughts on “SkinFare Coconut Oil Lotion Sticks Review

    • Hi Bailey,
      I’m not sure what I love most about these products: simple, effective ingredients, gentle formulation, sustainable packinging…so much loveliness packed in a small tube. You need to try them! 🙂

  1. Great review! I love reading about companies I have yet to discover. I also really enjoy products in stick form that are easy to carry. Apothecary Prime and Topical Nourishment need to be on my wishlist!

  2. I can’t be with out this , its one of those items that i can’t be low on. I use it as a makeup primer and it works amazing, it also gives a nice healthy glow finish to my face when using my press power. The one i have is Verdent remedy. Great review, looking forward to picking the other scents. It also works great for fly away hairs . 🙂

    • Hmm, I do see that their website is currently down. I had also tried contacting them a few times with no response. It also seems that they haven’t updated their social media platforms in a while too. :/ I’ll try to have an update but I’m not sure as of now!

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