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Neuth Creme Pour Visage and Afterglow Serum Review + Discount!


Neuth is an organic skincare brand featuring products that encourage a simple, luxurious nightly facial care ritual. Lovingly made in small batches, all Neuth products are formulated with ingredients that are organic and sustainably harvested by Fair-Trade Certified suppliers. Neuth’s founder, Alison Rodriguez created these products after searching for, yet failing to find a cold cream product not formulated with mineral oil. Mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum and has many skin-clogging characteristics.

Indulging in the Neuth experience is that time, when we can calmingly massage pure, organic, natural ingredients deep into our skin, breathing deeply into the essential oils, to reveal our true beauty within. Neuth is dedicated to creating all natural, organic skincare indulgences that nourish the body. So dim the lights, massage some Neuth on your beautiful self, and honor your light within.

Inspired by ancient Egyptian culture, from which cold creams are derived from and Neuth, the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, Alison created her own version of an organic cold cream. Crème Pour Visage removes makeup while also moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The second part to the Neuth ritual is the Afterglow Serum, which locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated and glowing. I was able to try both these products and here are my thoughts on these little skin luxuries:


Crème Pour Visage ($75/100ml or $150/200ml): Even before unearthing this unique cream-based cleanser, the elegant packaging just screamed “luxe”, setting the tone for the opulence my skin was about to endure. Neuth’s Crème Pour Visage is a rich, thick, milk-white cream to be applied every night to the face, neck, and décolleté. Due to my sensitive skin, I usually shy away from super thick or heavy creams and my initial misgivings about this product were no different. In the jar, the texture reminds me of a thick, body butter, soft and creamy yet once spread across the skin, it feels a bit more airy (but no less silky) than its appearance.

Applying this product is a soothing ritual in and of itself; from the gentle, freshly-scented formula to the clarifying feeling of removing the crème, this is a facial indulgence your skin will thank you for. The crème leaves my skin feeling incredibly silky-smooth, moisturized, and nourished. It also is a gentle makeup remover that effectively clears away any trace of makeup or dirt left on the skin. The thickness of this crème requires a hot, wet washcloth to remove product from the skin and it takes time especially for my lazy, impatient self, but it feels extra purifying in the process.

My favorite aspect of the Crème Pour Visage is that it leaves a luminous effect on the skin and keeps my face feeling truly moisturized throughout the whole night. I have to admit, after first using this product I kept staring at my baby-smooth, radiant face in the mirror in pleasant shock. Talk about plein vanity! The organic, fair-trade ingredients are no less intriguing: organic grape seed oil, organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil moisturize and nourish the skin while organic sweet orange essential oil provides a slightly fruity scent.
Ingredients: Organic Grape Seed Oil, Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Lanolin

We suggest massaging a quarter sized amount of Neuth’s Organic Crème pour Visage to your face, neck and décolleté. We recommend smiling at yourself in the mirror as you do so. Run the tap water hot and wet a washcloth. Wipe all of Neuth’s Organic Crème pour Visage away, follow with Neuth’s Organic Afterglow Serum.


Afterglow Serum ($35/15ml or $65/30ml): This serum is lightweight yet deeply moisturizing and nourishing. It makes my dry skin so soft and supple and undeniably radiant. You can really feel the full effects of the Neuth ritual complete after using the Afterglow Serum.

Though this is applied at night after cleansing with the Crème Pour Visage, my face stays super hydrated and dewy until the morning! It smells of fresh, herbal goodness (with organic rosehip and lavender essential oils ingredients) and leaves my skin soothed without feeling irritated or dry. Neuth’s Afterglow Serum is the perfect product to end the night with as it retains moisture and provide nourishing, radiance to the skin.
Ingredients: Organic Rosehip Oils hand-blended with Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil and lavender essential oil, grown without the use of chemicals.

Using these products remind me that I should spoil my skin and indulge in luxury every once in a while. If you’re looking for an elegant cleansing and moisturizing ritual, I recommend trying this duo from Neuth. Your skin will thank you for its healthy, glowing and nourished existence from the inside out. Purchase both products together with the Neuth Redezvous set starting at $99 or select each product separately online.

Have you tried any Neuth products before? Want to try out these products for yourself? Neuth is generously offering my readers with a special 20% off coupon code for any purchase online!
Use the code: pleinvanity until April 20th for 20% off all orders at Neuth’s online shop.

*UPDATE: We’ve gotten some messages about issues using the discount code for Neuth. The code is now working and will expire on April 20th! Happy shopping! 🙂



*Products were provided to me for consideration. Reviews are based on my honest opinion and personal experience. I am never paid for my opinions. 


9 thoughts on “Neuth Creme Pour Visage and Afterglow Serum Review + Discount!

    • Exactly! haha I was totally imagining being royalty when using these products. I agree, Neuth products are so luxurious but their ingredients are great too! Let me know if you get anything! 🙂

  1. I’m testing this now…I love the consistency of the cleanser and the smell of the Afterglow Serum…more importantly, when are we hanging out, K?

    • They’re both so lovely, can’t wait to hear your overall thoughts, Katie!
      Yes, we totally need to plan something soon 🙂 I think a spring brunch is in order!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Love the products, particularly how my skin looks and feels after applying the Afterglow Serum. My skin looks healthy and helps hide my age!!

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