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Satisfied Skin in Any Situation: Skincando Skincare Review


What’s better than a local skincare brand that makes fresh, small batches of products by hand to order? Not much in the realm of natural skincare, if you ask me. Skincando is one of those brands with a seemingly simple product offering yet one that raises the bar in satisfaction and effectiveness for satisfied skin in any situation.

I was able to try products from both of Skincando’s product lines; Combat-Ready and Luxe products, and I haven’t been able to put any of these products down since.  The carefully curated product formulations and beautiful, simple product presentation reflect the thoughtfulness and love put into creating Skincando products. Though both product lines are equally wonderful, the difference is that the Combat-Ready line is a bit more price friendly than the Luxe line.

Check out my interview with Sara, the founder of Skincando here!
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Skincando’s infamous, Combat-Ready Balm is a multi-tasking skin salve that remedies skin ailments such as dryness, eczema, bug bites, burns and more. This balm was the first Skincando product Sara created after she searched and failed to find a natural skincare formula for her problematic skin. Sara donated her products to US Troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Combat-Ready Balm became popular with the Troops as the product successfully alleviated many skin issues from the harsh environments and there was great demand for more Balms.

Sara continued creating more Balms and other Combat-Ready products (bug repellants, lip balms, and soap bars) to donate to the Troops. Skincando collaborates with the non-profit campaign Operation Sand Flea to donate Combat-Ready product care packages to US troops overseas. You can purchase products from Skincando and they will send a care package or separate products to service members through this program. Learn more about this special initiative here.

Our multi-tasking skin salve, originally used by soldiers in the war zone, is a jack of all trades. Severe dryness, eczema, minor abrasions, post-shaving burn, chafing, scars, jock itch, bug bites, and sun/wind burn are no match for this powerful balm.

Skincando Combat-Ready Kids

The Combat-Ready Balm is a no-fuss skin cream that gently soothes and moisturizes skin. It also comes in a sensitive formula for babies and kids, which is equally as nice on the adult skin. I enjoyed using the Combat-Ready balm on my face and any dry areas on my body like my elbows, neck, hands, and even on my cuticles. I was most surprised at how well it cured the recurring eczema that I have on my neck and on my arms. My eczema felt less irritating and disappeared after continued use of this Balm. My irritated skin always feels so soothed after using the Comabt-Ready Balm. This is truly a multi-functional skin salve that you can bring anywhere and use for just about anything. It treats and heals the skin while protecting it from further damage. The Kids formula has a faint, sweet scent that is soothing and gentle, reflecting the hints of chamomile tea and French lavender ingredients. ($27/2oz, $65/8oz,$6/.125oz: travel size) Combat-Ready Balm Ingredients: distilled water, apricot kernel oil*, coconut oil*, beeswax**, black tea*, fish oil**, clove*, black spruce oil*, grapefruit seed extract*, sodium borate, viamerine. certified organic ingredient pcb/heavy metal free ($27/2oz, $65/8oz, $6/.125oz: travel size) Combat-Ready Balm Magic Organic Potion for Babies + Kids Ingredients: distilled water, apricot kernel oil*, virgin coconut oil*, beeswax, chamomile tea, fish oil**, French lavender*, grapefruit seed extract* and viamerine**. *certified organic ingredient **natural ingredient Skincando Miracle Cream Skincando’s Luxe Mini Miracle Cream is a lovely facial moisturizer that can be used both in the morning and at night and is chock full of organic ingredients to nourish the skin. There is also a vegan formula of the Skincando Luxe original, Miracle Cream. This is my favorite Skincando product that I use daily but more often as a night cream. This works wonders for my dry, flakey skin in the winter and isn’t overly greasy or thick to wear during the day. It doesn’t irritate my skin and reduces redness and unevenness in the appearance of my skin. The cream’s soufflé-like texture is light and gentle for sensitive skin, while the soothing scents of essential oils make this cream such a delight to apply.

An intensive natural treatment moisturizer that dramatically hydrates the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Cold-processed fresh ingredients include vitamins a + e, organic rose geranium oil and essential fatty acids. Each jar is handmade to order. Adjust use depending on the season.

My skin always feels so soft and soothed when I apply the Miracle Cream. The blend of organic oils and fresh ingredients work so seamlessly to gently nourish and moisturize skin. This is the perfect, multi-tasking moisturizer that all skintypes can enjoy. It is a true luxury for the face. Simply put, this is a miracle for your skin in a jar. I know I’ll be ordering more of this for my stash! ($30/.5oz Mini size, $70/2oz, $12/.125: Travel Size, $45/1oz for Vegan Formula) Ingredients: apricot kernel oil*, distilled water, extra virgin coconut oil*, beeswax, omega 3 fatty acids, viamerine**, bio-active colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract*, rose blend E.O*, conifer E.O*, lavender E.O*, spearmint E.O*, sodium borate, vegetable glycerine.  *certified organic ingredient  natural ingredient Skincando Eye Balm

Though I don’t have many wrinkles (yet) or many dark circles under my eyes, I still always make sure to moisturize the area under my eyes every night to nourish and protect my skin. Skincando’s Luxe Eye Balm is one of the best moisturizing eye creams I have used. This rich balm is very nourishing and smoothly blends into my skin. The skin under the eyes is very sensitive and I’m always very careful when it comes to applying any products to these spots. I don’t like products that are hard to blend or work into the skin. I love how Skincando’s Eye Balm just sinks into my skin and requires little attention to application. An aromatic blend of essential oils and nutrients, such as grapefruit seed extract, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil, and apricot kernel oil, leaves the skin soothed and nourished. My under eye areas immediately feel moisturized, refreshed, and noticeably luminous. This Balm makes applying eye cream such a treat.

This rich natural eye treatment quenches dry skin and visibly reduces fine lines, creases, puffiness and dark circles. Organic green and lemongrass essential oil leave eye area refreshed and luminous. Each jar is handmade to order.

I like applying the Eye Balm at night, especially when the skin under eyes are feeling puffy or dry. When I wake up in the morning, I’m always so surprised to see and feel how my skin is still so moisturized and luminous from the night before. If you’re looking for a very moisturizing, gentle and soothing eye cream, look no further: this is the real deal. ($45/.5 oz, $70/1oz, $10/.125oz: travel size) Ingredients: apricot kernel oil*, distilled water, coconut oil*, beeswax, viamerine, grapefruit seed extract*, joy blend E.O*, lemongrass E.O*, conifer E.O*, lemon E.O*, lavender E.O*, ravensara E.O*, spearmint E.O*, vegetable glycerin, green tea*, sodium borate, mica.  *certified organic ingredient

Luxe Lip Balm

The Brew Lip Balm is the perfect everyday lip balm, especially for dry, flaky lips. This product has been a lifesaver for my lips during the winter, when my lips suffer the most. This lip balm has a smooth and gentle texture that isn’t too hard or too soft when applied on the lips and effectively heals chapped skin. It locks in moisturize and doesn’t require constant reapplication. I love the captivating scent and taste of this product pulling from the herbal, soothing flavors of myrrh, shea butter and beeswax ingredients. This lip balm is a must-have that is always in my purse. I’m dreading the day that I run out but I know I’ll order another one before that happens!

The key essential oil, Myrrh, has been used by royalty for centuries to heal and beautify the skin. Each lip balm is filled from small hand spun batches and is guaranteed to give your lips a magical glow.

Luxe Lip Balm2

($12/.15oz) Ingredients: beeswax, Tahitian coconut butter*, shea butter*, apricot kernel oil*, fish oil, star anise E.O*, myrrh*, vitamin e*.  *certified organic ingredient

Have you tried any Skincando products? Which products would you like to try? 

Don’t forget, get 15% off all orders placed by phone just by calling, 1-888-903-7788  and mentioning Plein Vanity.  


*Products were kindly provided to me for consideration. Reviews are based on my honest opinion and personal experience and I’m definitely going to buy full-sizes of these products! I am never paid for my opinions. 


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