Celebrating Earth Day 2014! My Earth Day Pledge

Though there are many aspects of nature to enjoy every season of the year, Spring is namely one of my favorites. Spring marks a season of rebirth, growth and renewal. The sun stays out longer, plants begin to sprout, buds sprinkle the greening trees, and we can spend more time outside to enjoy nature.  To celebrate Earth Day today, I’m making a pledge to give back to the Earth in a few simple ways:

I will plant more herbs and vegetables in my garden to use for meals instead of buying everything from the supermarket. Hopefully the squirrels won’t get to them first! This will be a great way to learn to care for the Earth. It’ll also be valuable to witness the fruitful process of growth firsthand and truly appreciate the produce I eat. If you’ve never started a garden or planted flowers or vegetables, I suggest you try it! There is so much to learn about the earth, about plants and nature when you get down in the dirt. It is a great way to give back to the Earth through understanding nature and you can spread this knowledge to others with a simple, universal gesture: food.

I am also going to make time to get outside more. It’s hard to come home after a long day of work and do anything other than eat dinner and lie around inside. Especially on the weekends, I will make time to stay outside, go running, walk around the block, do some outside yoga, or just enjoy nature with family and friends. Sometimes I need the extra push away from my computer, t.v. and internet. Sunny skies and warmer weather motivates me to be active and take time to remember to enjoy myself and my time with others. Walking or biking to work is a great way to stay active and lessen pollution, something I already do everyday. Being outdoors is also a great way to feel inspired, rejuvenated and positive in spirit. I think after a long, dreary winter this is much needed.

I will continue to support companies with ethical, natural, sustainable products in all that I consume. Learning more about brands, their missions, and how they create products is not only good for the Earth but good for myself. Supporting companies that produce for the good of your health and for the Earth’s health is one small way to progress forwards. I will not buy more than I need and use up products I already have before looking for new ones. I will be innovative in upcycling and reusing product containers like bottles, boxes, or jars for new purposes. This way, I will consume without putting more waste into landfills and use my creativity in repurposing objects for extended use.


Known for its unique variety of gifts for any occasion, RedEnvelope is encouraging everyone to make an Earth Day (or Earth Week) pledge to give back to the Earth. RedEnvelope asked me to share my Earth Day pledge and I hope it encourages you to also consider the meaning and idea behind Earth Day. Inspiring others to change the world and be more aware of our practices on the Earth starts with you. It can be a small gesture or a large idea, but think about what gift you can give back to the Earth. Check out the growing collection of sustainable gifts available at RedEnvelope here.

What’s your Earth Day pledge?

Read what other people are pledging to do on Earth Day by following the hashtag, #redgoesgreen on Twitter and by discovering other bloggers’ posts on @RedEnvelope.


Lastly, if you’ll be pledging to start supporting ethical, sustainable green beauty and skincare brands, here are some great Earth Day deals from wonderful companies where your purchase can make a difference:

*Abe’s Market: Free shipping worldwide and 50% off 1000s of items for Earth Week.

*EcoDivaBeauty: the popular luxury green beauty site will plant 10 trees for every purchase you make on 4/22 until 11:59pm PST!

*IntegrityBotanicals: Save 10% off your entire purchase on 4/22 and a portion will be donated to the Sierra Club with code: EARTHDAY

*Kahina Giving Beauty: Save 22% off of Kahina’s most popular product, 100% Organic Argan Oil with code: ARGAN22. For every bottle sold, Kahina will be planting one argan tree!

*Meow Meow Tweet: Everyday is Earth Day! 25% off with code: EVERYDAY until 4/23, 11pm

*La Bella Figura: 15% off of orders $75 or more with code: EARTHLOVE

*Nourish Organic: 25% off sitewide with code: EARTHDAY25

*Osmia Organics: In collaboration with No More Dirty Looks, get Osmia’s Limited Edition Earth Day Box for$49 until 4/23 while supplies last. Use code: NMDL422.

*RGB nail polish: 40% off sitewide with code: EARTHDAY (RGB polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde resin, and camphor.)

*Saffron Rouge: Earth Day Sale, 20% off of popular green beauty and skincare brands

*Spirit Beauty Lounge: Spend $100 take $15 off, spend $200 take $30 off, spend $300 take $50, with code: EARTHLOVE14

 *Zoya: Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange. Exchange any of your old, maybe not so green nail polishes, and get new Zoya “5-free” nail polishes in return! $4.50 ea. on regular Zoya shades OR $5 ea.for PixieDust™ and special effect toppers – and let Zoya properly dispose of your unwanted bottles. Use code: ZDAY2014 until 4/28/14 11:59pm PST. See for more details.


Images: SheKnowsWallchips

*This post is inspired by RedEnvelope’s #redgoesgreen Earth Day campaign and I was not compensated for any of my opinions or ideas. RedEnvelope kindly asked me to post about my Earth Day pledge and participate in their campaign.

**Post contains affiliate links


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