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Orange Harp Makes Ethical Shopping Simple On iPhones


Socially conscious, quality, hassle-free shopping? There’s an app for that! Orange Harp is a new iOS app that makes eco-friendly, ethical shopping easy and convenient on a smartphone. Created by two women, programmer Anbu Anbalagapandian and attorney Kacie Gonzalez, Orange Harp is a carefully curated digital marketplace that features ethical, quality-made products from socially responsible brands. Simply download Orange Harp for free from the iTunes app store, create an account, and shop away! Orange Harp is currently only available on Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and not on Android devices. To try out the app, I downloaded and tried it out on my friend’s iPhone.

The app currently features 19 brands with products handpicked by Orange Harp’s co-founders ranging from clothing, accessories, and personal care products for men and women. For products that are handmade, high quality, and sourced from natural or renewable materials, Orange Harp features products at reasonable and affordable prices. There are sometimes even price markdowns, free shipping offers and other special deals on the app.

Our mission is to make it easy for people to connect with socially-conscious makers, discover incredible products at great prices, and make a social change. We handpick brands based on their dedication to making conscious products and their contribution to the community and the planet. With a fun, easy to use, and insightful app, we empower consumers to connect with the brand’s mission, explore their work, and buy their products. 


Named for the co-founders’ nickname for San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Orange Harp is a bright, eye-catching, and easy to use phone app. You can search for products on Orange Harp’s simple interface by brand or by product type, save products you like onto a “Favorites” list, or view new and popular products on the “Highlights” front page. This format was simple enough to use, with lots of images, though at times I wished there was just a plain old search bar for times when I knew exactly what I wanted and needed a quicker, more direct result.

We’re inspired by the missions, creativity, and social responsibility of our brands. We want to tell their stories and create a long-lasting relationship between them and consumers. By seamlessly weaving video, images, and text within the app, users discover the heart and soul behind the products and have a story to tell after they purchase. 

My favorite part about Orange Harp is that it’s not just the products that are the focus of the app but also, the brands themselves. Founded on the notion that socially responsible shopping is rooted in knowing the companies behind the products, Orange Harp highlights the missions and conscious practices of each brand. Ingredients, sizes, and important product details are also clearly included on each product page.

I’m constantly curious and very detail-oriented by nature, so learning more about brands I’m purchasing from resonates with me. Knowing about a company’s vision and goals creates a unique connection and personalizes the shopping experience.

It can be overwhelming to discover new eco-conscious brands and products, but Orange Harp’s beautifully designed digital catalog makes shopping simple, fun, and stylish! The app is also an easy way to show friends that ethical shopping can be easy and cool. There are some great brands I discovered from the app and many products I’m thinking of buying for myself and for friends.

Download Orange Harp for free on your iPhone or online here.  

P.S. I’m a featured tastemaker on Orange Harp! Read my interview here to learn about the origins of my blog and my interest in sustainability. Plus, download the app today to check out my Orange Harp product picks!

Have you used Orange Harp? What are your thoughts about this app? What are your favorite ways to find new eco-conscious brands?

*All images courtesy of Orange Harp.



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