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TOP DRAWER: Between You & The Moon

TOP DRAWER: Products, brands, and trends that I’m keeping my eye on.

Between You and the Moon is an organic, botanically-based, holistic skincare line  handcrafted and made in small batches. This skincare line is made by Emma Graves and Molly Watman, founders of Brooklyn Herborium, which sounds like another local apothecary that’s on my growing list of places to visit. The Brooklyn Herborium also features services like facials, skincare consultations, and holistic health/herbal consultations. Their blog is also really thought-provoking and informative: Brooklyn Herborium

“Brooklyn Herborium is where we create and craft holistic skincare and home cleansing products, including Between You & The Moon product line. Our traditional herbal goods are made by hand and bottled in small batches with a focus on intention and the flow of energy.”

Definitely a brand mission I can get behind! Not only are the product names clever and poetic, but the old-school apothecary packaging evokes enough whimsy to make my product-junkie heart flutter. Call me a fan! These quirky, botanically-based products are what I’m placing in my Top Drawer in hopes of trying sometime soon.

“Holistic Philosophy, Sustainably Developed, High Quality Ingredients, Botanically Based, As Organic as possible, Fairtrade when available, and Gluten-free. No GMOs, Petro-chems, Parabens, SLS, Perfumes, Colorants, or Animal Testing, ever.”

See all products from Between You & the Moon HERE(Click each product below to redirect to the store)

Pore Refining Mineral Mist, $34-$30

No Evil 100% Natural Skin Protector/Makeup Remover, $48-$68

Newfangled Ideas Coffee Body Scrub, $46

Agnes Day & Night Crème Cleanser, $80

LOMAH Land of Milk and Honey Double-Cleansing Lotion, $40

Perfection: Sense & Sensitivity Clay, $34

Cow Fart Juice Herbal Remedy, $33-$62

Bug Off! Bug Repellent, $14

Sow Your Wild Oats Organic Grain Cleanser, $32

What do you think of Between You & the Moon? What brands or products are you currently lusting after?


*All photos from Between You & the Moon

6 thoughts on “TOP DRAWER: Between You & The Moon

  1. Hello,

    I love these products….Mister was travelling to NY and the boutique was located too far from its current location….so he couldn’t bring me back any of the goodies. What a pity!
    But really, these products really stand out by their packaging and composition! x

  2. I just laughed out loud at the Cow Fart Juice Herbal Remedy name! Oh, all of these products look gorgeous and I love the apothecary aesthetics too! On my way to Brooklyn Smorsgaburg, I passed by the Brooklyn Herborium shop and told myself I gotta go back and check them out.

    • Haha right? Who doesn’t want some Cow Fart Juice in their life?! That one definitely caught my eye and my curiosity. I can’t get enough of vintage apothecary designs. Next time you go, I wanna hear about it! 🙂

  3. I love the name of this company! And I’m currently obsessed with old apothecary type jars so I’m definitely going to poke around on their site / blog. Thanks for putting it on my radar Kasey 😀

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