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New Releases Radar // 1

New Releases Radar // 1

New products released from my favorite brands always have me lusting and also leave me wondering if I really do need to be the first person to jump out and buy everything. As someone who loves organization and has a habit of mulling over sound purchases, here are some brand new green beauty releases on my radar:

1. ILIA Beauty Back to Life Lipgloss ($24) and Around the World Lipstick ($26)– I’m not necessarily a lipgloss fanatic but as you might know, I AM an ILIA Beauty superfan. ILIA’s new limited edition lipgloss and new lipstick shade are both inspired by the Pantone 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid and blends tones from my favorite color: lavender. Both look like beautiful, bold shades! I’m dying to get my hands on a perfect lavender/orchid-hued lip product and ILIA has never done me wrong. Seeing as how I don’t often grab for my current lipglosses, I’m not sure if I’ll purchase the lipgloss but oh-how tempting it is…

2. RMS Beauty, 4 New Product Shades- RMS Beauty is one of my favorite green beauty brands due to the high quality formulas, gentle ingredients, and unique product offerings. The brand has just launched 4 new, bold and out-of-the-ordinary product shades that I am dying to get my hands on. While these products are currently only available at luxury web retailer Net-A-Porter, the products will also be released on the RMS Beauty website on August 11th. I love trying bold and unique colors, these are just beautiful and definitely wearable as well: Cream Eye Polish in Inspire ($28)- a shimmering, icy blue, Cream Eye Polish in Imagine ($28)- a metallic, rich purple, Lip Shine in Royal ($25)- a beautiful, bold violet, Lip2cheek in Curious Orange ($36)- bold, bright orange shade for lips and cheeks, which RMS states is perfect for “tanned, olive and dark skin tones.” The new eye polishes and lip shine are definitely on my list and though I love the multitasking ability of the Lip2cheek products, I’m not sure if Curious Orange would look great with my skin tone.

3. Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil ($18)- Alima Pure just keeps beefing up their already amazing product offerings. Known mostly for their loose mineral powder-based products, Alima Pure has released their first-ever eye pencil and it looks lovely! Claiming to be highly-pigmented, long lasting, and moisturizing, this pencil comes in a deep, brown color called Coffee. I’m very curious to see how this eyeliner performs so I may just have to pick one soon!

4. Kjaer Weis Highlighter ($56)- Can this super chic brand just STOP being so cool? The answer is no. The luxuriously chic Danish brand, Kjaer Weis just released a cream highlighter in their signature mirrored, refillable compacts. The luminescent, silver-toned highlighter seems to be reminiscent of RMS Beauty’s popular Living Luminizer but perhaps leaning a bit more pink or earthy-toned. I’m curious to see if this product lives up to the luxe, high-performing formulas as KW’s other cream products.

5. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Champagne ($26)- I’ve heard so much about Bite Beauty’s unique Agave Lip Mask which is said to be a soothing, ultra-moisturizing treatment for the lips. (Think of a facial mask but for the lips.) The Lip Mask hydrates and softens the lips while also providing beneficial nutrients. This new Bite Beauty product plays on the benefits of the Lip Mask but has a “Rose gold pearl” tint to it so you can look chic while treating your lips. As a member of the heavily-chapped lips team, I think this could be really nice!

6. La Bella Figura Beauty Golden Corrective Highlighter in Brazilian Desire ($38)- Doesn’t that name just roll off the tongue beautifully? In general, this just looks like gorgeous product. The lovely ladies at La Bella Figura, known for their awesome skincare products and founders of A Night for Green Beauty, announced they were releasing a makeup line and the whole green beauty gasped and then rushed to snap up every limited piece of this Highlighter, the first product to be pre-released from LBF’s new makeup line. I must’ve got the message too late because “Brazilian Desire” was sold out by the time I loitered over to the LBF’s website. #LeSigh. Nevertheless, this creamy, multi-use bronze highlighter looks amazing and the ingredients sound very beneficial for skin. Just take a look at the makeup line’s official model, fellow green beauty blogger Tara Mackey and her glowing skin. I can’t wait to purchase this Highlighter and whatever other makeup goodies LBF has in store when the entire makeup line launches in August. If you’re heading to Los Angeles for A Night for Green Beauty this year, the entire LBF makeup line will be available for purchase. Leave some for us, East Coasters, okay?

What are some new product launches you’re lusting after? 


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12 thoughts on “New Releases Radar // 1

  1. Kasey, I’m #LeSighing right along with you! Boy, wouldn’t it be lovely to immerse in all these treats? This post is a feast for my senses! Thanks for indulging me in all these new releases and taunting me with the ones yet to come. Yeah. My credit card thanks you too. 😉

  2. I was able to get my hands on a few of these products already-in love with the KW highlighter-it’s just beautiful. As much as I wanted to love LBF Brazilian Denise-the formula is just too dry for my taste. Waiting for my Bite Beauty and New RMS to arrive this week!!

    • Wow, I’m impressed all of these products are already in your hands (or on it’s way)! Nice work! 😉 Hmm, bummer about the LBF product, now I’m really curious what the KW Highlighter looks like.

  3. So many great releases! I swatched Back to Life at Content shop, and I was blown away by the shade, because it’s a daring orchid tone. But I’m not using glosses that much so I’m thinking of getting Ilia “Around the World” and RMS’ imagine”. I also have on my wishlist John Masters organics newly released rose & apricot leave-in treatment 🙂

    • Ahh I’m dying to see a swatch of Back to Life! I’m really tempted to get it even though I don’t use lip gloss much either. My only question about Around the World and Imagine are if they’re pigmented enough… we shall see! 🙂 That JMO product sounds like it would smell so good too!

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