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New Releases Radar // 2

New Releases Radar 2

There are so many interesting green beauty releases right now, it makes me squirm with excitement! (Is that when you know you have a problem?)

1. Acure Organics Argan Oil Bar Soaps- I really love Acure Organics skincare and bath products because they are effective, accessible, and very affordable. You can find Acure products at most Whole Foods stores as well as at many online retailers. I love that the brand seems to be branching out into more unique products beyond normal shampoo and skincare lines without compromising simple, effective formulas. They most recently launched a new argan oil liquid castille soap, liquid body wash, and tinted lip glosses as well. The brand’s latest release are their Certified Organic Argan Oil Bar Soaps. These gentle, moisturizing, cold processed, artisan soaps are vegan and cruelty free with certified organic essential oils and natural fruits, spices, and herbs for ingredients. An added bonus, the 5 different bar soap scents are also super delicious sounding: cinnamon chai latte, mint cookie + omega 7, oatmeal + apple pie, pumpkin + calendula, superfruit + citrus. Doesn’t that make you want to bite a chunk of soap? Or is that just me… At $5.99 a pop, why wouldn’t you give these a try? $5.99 at Acure Organics

2. Red Apple Lipstick The Lash Project Conditioning Mascara- Everyone seems to be fixated on finding that perfect natural mascara and it seems that every green beauty brand has released their own formula this year. I’ve really liked all the Red Apple Lipstick products I’ve tried (not just lipstick, FYI) and this much anticipated mascara has been on my radar. Not only is it supposed to give you luscious lashes without irritating ingredients, this mascara also conditions and nourishes lashes during use. While some may be turned off by the initial $42 price tag, I think this mascara may be a sound invested as a truly unique and beneficial 2 in 1 product. If it performs well on the lashes and truly keeps lashes strong and healthy, this could be a natural mascara game-changer. Red Apple Lipstick products are gentle and really great for those battling allergies and sensitive skin. Their products are well known and loved for their gluten-free and naturally-derived ingredients. I’m definitely curious about this mascara. Check it out in action on the gorgeous Britanie from Beauty by Britanie here. $42 at Red Apple Lipstick

3. Yarok Fun Bun Accessories- This fun set contains 9 hair accessories for perfecting a stylish up-do. Yarok products have been a hit or miss for me, but I did have the pleasure of meeting Yarok’s inspiring founder and do admire the brand. The Yarok Fun Bun Accessories kit features hair accessories that are made from 25% recycled materials and made in the U.S.A. The set includes 9 tortoise shell accessories: 6 small great grip pins, 2 oversized side combs, and 1 chignon comb. This is a cute set that ties in nicely with Yarok’s all-natural and organic formulated hair-styling products and could be a nice gift for a friend or a chic addition to any hair junkie’s collection. Step-by-step instructions with visuals are accessible on Yarok’s website HERE showing you some pretty up-dos you can create with the Fun Bun kit such as, “Classic French Twist”, “Sexy Sock Bun”, and “Fancy Off Center Braided Bun”. I’m terrible at doing my hair but this might be a fun and chic way to sharpen my skills. $24 at YAROK or Eco Diva Beauty

4. Pai Skincare Anywhere Essentials Travel Sets- From my favorite UK skincare brand, you can now purchase Pai’s award-winning skincare products in a cute and practical travel-sized set. There are 4 different travel sets, each one has 3 travel-sized skincare products for a full face regime: a cleanser, tonic, cream, and an organic muslin face cloth. (Those cloths are my favorite skincare tool for gentle exfoliation and daily cleansing!) Each set of products varies based on your skincare needs, the 4 sets are: “Instant Calm”, “Perfect Balance”, “Pure Hydration”, and “Age Confidence”. I’m always lugging around a large version of Pai’s cleanser, which is great for eye makeup removal and regular cleansing (review HERE) so, a travel set would be way more convenient. This would be a perfect staple for summer trips or as a nice gift for someone you think would love to try out Pai Skincare products. This is definitely on my need-to-purchase list. $37 per set at Pai Skincare

5. Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen- Beautycounter is still a brand I’m very curious to try. I love how all their products are luxurious and chic in the packaging and that their formulas feature natural and safe ingredients. The brand has high standards when it comes to ingredients and do not use any ingredients banned in the U.S. and the U.K. (Read more about their unique formulas HERE) While previously only offering skincare products and a small lipstick selection, Beautycounter most recently expanded their cosmetic offerings with face makeup. The Touchup Skin Concealer Pen is a gorgeous-looking, liquid concealer pen reminiscent of YSL’s popular (but not so healthy) Touche Éclat concealer/highlighting pen which also features a click-pen and brush applicator. Beautycounter’s obvious dupe comes in a nice variety of 5 different shades and claims to erase dark circles, redness, and imperfections. Beautycounter states the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen can be worn alone or with other makeup and it also features a unique ingredient, “knotgrass extract to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and photo-aging so skin looks brighter, clearer and instantly more even.” I think this beautiful concealer would be extremely convenient for on-the-go application and sounds nourishing for skin. If this product does what it claims to do, this could be a very luxe addition to green beauty as far as concealers go! $28 at Beautycounter

6. Beautycounter Tint Skin Complexion Coverage- The second new release within Beautycounter’s new face makeup products is a tinted moisturizer, the Tint Skin Complexion Coverage. There are 7 different shades available and it looks like the variety is a very generous range of colors that will serve many skintones. The colors span from “Very Fair Complexion- Porcelain” to “Dark Complexion with Red Undertones- Chestnut”. Beautycounter claims this is a sheer, blendable, lightweight product that can be worn for a “no-makeup” look or layered for more coverage. This tinted moisturizer is also supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and promote smoother, fresher-looking skin. I don’t use full-coverage or heavy foundation so I’m all about tinted moisturizers and I’d be very curious to try this one. The large range of colors is a plus and I’m interested to see how moisturizing and effective this product is. $38 at Beautycounter

*Update: both Beautycounter products contain dimethicone and silicones as ingredients which have had controversial reports regarding irritation, allergies, overall safety and other serious side effects. However dimethicone has been approved by the FDA and the EWG has scores it as a low risk ingredient. Research and use at your own risk.  

What are some new product launches you’re lusting over? Would you try any of these products?

*Post contains an affiliate link. All photos from Acure Organics, Red Apple Lipstick, Yarok, Pai Skincare, and Beautycounter.

12 thoughts on “New Releases Radar // 2

  1. Those Acure soaps sound amazing! It’s especially exciting to see they don’t have palm oil, unlike so many other natural bar soaps. Those are going on the wish list for sure.

    • Yes, I like that about the Acure soaps too. I can always count on Acure Organics to have safe and gentle ingredients with products that work! Definitely trying some of these soaps soon 🙂

      • Thank you, that’s such a nice compliment! I do the same, I like reading reviews before buying or else I go with my intuition based on my needs/past experiences. Or on rare occasions, I’ll buy on impulse! 😉

    • Me too! The scents sound too good! Yes, as pretty as it sounds, I think I’ll probably stay away from the Beautycounter concealer pen too as I think my sensitive skin will not fare well with dimethicone and I’m not too sure about the ingredient either.

  2. oh man, I need some of those yummy bar soaps from Acure! The Yarok Fun Bun Accessories is super cute, but I’m planning to cut my hair short so I won’t have use for that… It’s fun to see that Beautycounter has expanded to include make-up but alas, dimethicone is not good news for my skin. xo

  3. Any interest in trying Beautycounter? Feel free to contact me! I’m excited to try some of the natural deodorants I saw on another review of yours!

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