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TOP DRAWER: Zao Organic Makeup


Another confession: I judge products by their packaging. Yes, maybe that makes me shallow but at least upon initial inspection it’s always a piece in my consideration and future devotion. I’m a sucker for beautiful innovative design, is that such a crime? And when those qualities combine with organic, eco-friendly formulas in makeup and skincare well, just call me smitten. That’s what I’ve become with this gorgeous organic makeup line from Zao that I can’t help lusting over.

“The Zao philosophy is about an ethical and sustainable approach to living in harmony with nature. Looking beautiful should not compromise your health, the health of animals, or the health of the planet.”

Zao is a French eco-luxury makeup brand that features organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan products certified internationally. The gorgeous product packaging highlights the brand’s commitment to innovative, stylish and sustainable design. The brand’s makeup products are packaged in sturdy and durable, sustainably-harvested bamboo materials and feature an innovative refill system for most products. Refills can be switched out of most products utilizing the magnetic container packaging and are available for Zao’s eye shadow, compact powder, compact foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer, lipstick, and liquid foundation products.

Zao products are also rich in antioxidants like pomegranate seed oil, ginko biloba leaf extract, babassu oil, red algae extract, wheat germ oil, yerba mate extract, which protect again free radicals and anti-aging. Essential fatty acids like shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and macadamia nut oil are also featured ingredients in Zao products as well as organic silica from three different parts of bamboo plant: bamboo stem powder, bamboo leaves hydrosol, and bamboo rhizome oil.

“Zao has developed formulas 100% from natural origin, enriched with active organic ingredients that have anti-aging qualities to delicately beautify and enhance your skin. Organic ingredients, developed into synergistic formulas, respect both your skin and the planet.”

I can’t take my eyes off of these gorgeous, one of a kind little luxuries! I’m definitely lusting over the Pearly Eyeshadows, Mineral Cooked Bronzers, Lipstick, cute makeup brushes, and the Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows Pencils. Aren’t they just perfect for a green beauty lover?

Zao makeup can be purchased at the brand’s website or at Abe’s Market for customers in the U.S. See more of my TOP DRAWER picks HERE.

Compact Foundation

Matifying Cooked Powder- Luminous Complexion

Luminous Complextion- Liquid Complextion Illuminator

Mineral Silk Foundation- Loose Powder

Cream Eyeshadow

Powder Refill

Pearly Eyeshadow

Structuring Mascara

Matte Lipstick

Blush Brush

What do you think of Zao Organic Makeup? Have you tried anything from the brand? Would you try these?

*Post contains an affiliate link. All images courtesy of Zao, header image from Abe’s Market.

4 thoughts on “TOP DRAWER: Zao Organic Makeup

  1. Lovely review! I agree with you; when the package+inside is ok, we can’t resist the temptation 🙂 I know Zao for quite a long time. Actually it’s a French (not Italian brand) – this is the original EU page:

    Yes, I have tried some of their products: they’re lovely colours, especially cream eyeshadows. I wanted to try the liquid foundation but their lightest shade was too rosy so I didn’t. Overall, it’s a nice brand with basic shades! Best, Dasha

    • Thanks Dasha! Also thanks for more of the info about the brand, I’ve edited my post. Glad to hear you’ve tried and liked their products! I look forward to trying something of theirs soon. 🙂

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