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Since I started going green with my beauty and skincare products, I’ve done a lot of online shopping (and I mean, A LOT). As someone who absolutely hates online shopping– I’m a touch-smell-feel-try-in-store kinda gal, I thought it’d be helpful to share my experiences with various online, one-stop green beauty shops across the spectrum. I love shopping from brands themselves (it always feels like a nice personal interaction) but, someones general green beauty shops are just more convenient with all the brands and products to shop from in one place.

If you’re just getting into green beauty, prepare to do a lot more online shopping as most of the best brands and deals are often only found virtually. For future installments, I want to list some green beauty brick and mortar stores I’ve found along the way, but it does vary depending on where you live. From my experience, online stores will have the most access to brands and product variety. And if you’re already a green beauty aficionado looking for some good online green beauty stores, I hope this series helps you as well! I want to know your experiences too!
{Also, since I’m blogging and shopping here from the U.S., these are mostly American stores but many of which do ship internationally.}

Spirit Beauty Lounge

Spirit Beauty Lounge: My go-to online shop for any and all luxury green beauty and skincare products! I love the high-end brands on Spirit Beauty Lounge, there’s a great mix of familiar products and new discoveries. There is a small selection of more affordable products but the focus is on luxury here. SBL always has the newest product releases and even stock limited edition products (i.e. seasonal ILIA lip products or beauty kits exclusive to SBL). SBL also adds new, highly covetable brands to their site pretty often. On the downside, SBL’s popularity and wide range of much-loved products and those limited edition runaways, account for many products to be out of stock quickly and frequently. I’ve had many experiences of having to sign up for product wait-lists or pre-ordering a product only to wait a few extra weeks for. Waiting is not too terrible, it’s just a shame they run out of stock of some very popular products often. If you’re a Facebook fan, SBL does frequent flash sales and coupon codes but you have to pay attention and act quickly. SBL also has a great shopping rewards program where every dollar you spend adds up to points redeemable for specific products. SBL is also one of my favorite green beauty shops because of the eye-catching and easy-to-use online shopfront. Shop here

Pros: Great selection of high-end green beauty and skincare brands and products, offers limited edition products, shopping rewards program, and  frequent flash sales and discount opportunities. Customer reviews are helpful (and you can earn points from writing reviews), generous samples of luxury products with every order that you can choose. (And samples I actually want to use!) Ships to USA and Internationally.

Cons: Product selection is more expensive, popular products are frequently out of stock and sometimes it takes awhile for SBL to restock. My motto with SBL now is if it’s in stock and you need/want it, get it ASAP!

saffron rouge

Saffron Rouge: I love this shop’s name! So cute. In my eyes, Saffron Rouge is similar to SBL in that the shop offers some great high-end green brands and are a bit on the pricey side. The difference with SR is that I find their brands to be more unique regarding the normal, high-end. You can get some awesome products from not-often-talked-about brands like Yarok, Studio 78, ilike, INIKA, and Nourish Organics. The free shipping minimum is quite high at the $100 minimum rate though just like SBL, most products are pretty pricey already so it might be easy to reach $100 if you plan on a large haul. SR promotes few sales but when there are sales, they’re AMAZING. I usually save my SR shopping trips for these big sales and can pick up a lot of things at great prices. Sales are often during holidays or different seasons but a good tip is to sign up for the store’s emails to be the first one to know about promotions. I’ve also had a few shipping mishaps (i.e. damaged or defective goods), SR’s customer service always responded quickly and efficiently to salvage my precious products and provide satisfying solutions. Shop here

Pros: Quick shipping, great brand selection, fast order processing, responsive customer service, shopping points rewards program, reoccurring sale events and special order offers. Ships to USA, Canada, and Internationally.

Cons: Minimum order amount for free shipping is high at $100, smaller brand selection, product selection is more expensive.

pemberley jones

Pemberley Jones:  Want to shop the ultimate green beauty and skincare selection curated by a top-notch green blogger herself? Look no further! Pamela Jones created the Pemberley Jones store as an awesome addition to her well-known and knowledgeable green beauty blog of the same name. Shopping at Pemberley Jones is as close as you can get to having a green beauty blogger hand-picking out groundbreaking and effective products on the market, because that’s pretty much what this store is. Just browsing the eye-catching website is like a treasure trove for green beauty and skincare products. I know I’m not alone in listening closely to PemJo’s beauty or skincare picks because she always has her eye on unique, effective products and brands and well, the girl just knows her stuff. Plus, the price range is very good: from super affordable to higher-priced luxury products, there a bit of everything here and quality is never sacrificed. PJ has also recently included a sale section and free shipping for U.S. orders over $75. Shipping is pretty fast and I’m a sucker for the cute and sustainable branded packaging on (and inside) every box. PJ is very helpful whether it be for advice or asking for special samples with your order. She’s always responsive on social media too. Not to mention, a seriously rad lady/blogger/entrepreneur! Also stalk her on Instagram if you want to drool over all the goodies she stocks for the shop and be inspired by her keen eye for color and design. Shop here

Pros: Blogger-approved selection of luxury and bargain-priced products as well as well-known and lesser known brands, beautiful and eye-catching website, constant addition of new brands and products, fast shipping. Fun and helpful product notes online from Pemberly Jones herself, and of course, I’m always up for supporting a fellow green blogger pal! Plus, all orders come with awesome hand-picked samples, personalized notes, and in such fun packaging– polka-dot tissue paper, neon packing slips, washi tape? Oh yes!

Cons:  Not many from what I can see. Perhaps a downside is the smaller selection of brands and products but I like that this is a smaller-scale store. Do you want a chic, curated online shop from a top green beauty blogger herself? Look no further.


Vitacost: Vitacost is the real deal: healthy food, supplements, sustainable home goods, green health and beauty products– you can find it all here and at great, drugstore-like prices. The brands range from indie to well-known but I’d say a majority of the companies you’ll see on Vitacost lean away from high-end, luxury green beauty/skincare products and are probably equivalent to green drugstore brands. Sometimes I get so caught up in paying attention to luxury or pricier green brands but you can discover some really great, affordable and effective products here! Just be weary of the different products and brands featured here: not everything may meet your standards of being organic or natural. Just be sure to read the descriptions, ingredients and company bios. Shop here (plus, get $10 off your 1st order of $30 or more with my referral link by clicking here.)

Pros: Very affordable prices, a wide range of items and brands, minimum total for free shipping is $49 (sometimes lower w/ever-changing fast shipping deals), orders ship to the U.S. and Canada, fast shipping. I also like how the product pages clearly show all prices and product sizes. Ships to USA, Canada, and Internationally.

Cons: Slow order processing (perhaps because most of the times I’ve ordered in the evenings?), slow shipping status notifications. Also, though most products here are eco-friendly, sustainable, and “green”, not everything meets my standards for being “clean”. I still have to carefully read through ingredient lists as there are many brands sold on Vitacost that use ingredients or additives I like to stay away from.


Have you shopped at any of these online stores? What are your favorite sites to shop for green beauty products? Stay tuned for the next Green Beauty Shops installment!


*Post contains affiliate links. All photos courtesy of company websites.

13 thoughts on “Spotlight on Green Beauty Shops

  1. Awesome selection! Another I would recommend is Pharmaca. They’re pretty strongly focused on natural products and they basically always have some kind of sale going on.

    • Thanks for the tip, Sophia! Ooh, I have not heard of Pharmaca but looks like they have a great selection of products and brands! And you weren’t kidding with the promotions going on 😉 I’ll definitely have to try them out.

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