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Who am I? I’m Kasey, a writer, a dreamer and a lover of art, sustainability and anything techie. I currently work in marketing and digital communications. This is my creative outlet where I muse about things I like. I graduated college with a degree in Environmental Studies (and also East Asian Studies) so it’s no surprise I’m passionate about the environment, learning about healthier lifestyles and promoting sustainable solutions. Writing a blog not only helps me educate others but teaches me new things everyday!

I’m not a beauty or healthcare professional but I am a  natural beauty, skincare, and wellness enthusiast. Read more about the inspiration for my blog here.

Hoping I can inspire you and create discussion. Please like, comment and ask me questions! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 If you have a product or brand you would like me to review or collaborate with, please visit the disclosure page.


What does my blog name mean? Pronunciation: /plɛ̃; plɛn/ – plɛn-vanity  I currently work in marketing for a French jewelry/luxury e-commerce brand so perhaps I had French words on my mind when choosing the title for my blog (also French words always sound beautiful). The French word “plein” means “full”, “whole” or “fully”. In describing my blog, it’s a full-on assortment of my vanity; all the things I want to cling to my personality, to my appearance, to my personal being. Just a blog about me and my passions. I also love the French expression, “En plein air” or “in the open air” to describe this blog. I like transparency and knowing all there is behind the complexity of things, anything ranging from beauty ingredients, architecture, art to technology. It’s all out in the open (digital) air here.

Any other questions? Suggestions? Please contact me by email: pleinvanity [at] gmail [dot] com. Please subscribe to me! Details here.


All opinions are my own based on my personal experience, research and knowledge. Posts are not sponsored unless stated otherwise. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. Please be respectful and do not use any of my work without my consent.

-Photography by Benjamin Lin Photography


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