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I’m a Summer-baby so I like to think Summer is all year round for me. Unfortunately I live on the East Coast where seasons are actually a real thing. Not that I mind, just means that there are lots of factors to transition into. I was tagged by my fellow green beauty bloggers, Paula (Naturally Paula) and Jade (Nephriticus) to do the “My Signature Summer Look” tag. (Disclaimer: I’m terrible at taking good makeup-“action” shots, so forgive me. P.S. yes, my hair is shorter!) I thought since it’s already September that I’d talk about how my “summer look” will easily transition to my “fall look”:
1. Moisturize: Starting with a clean face, I always like to moisturize (no matter how creamy my makeup products are) with something that is hydrating and usually contains SPF. For warmer months and for when I’m spending more time in the sun, I use the 100% Pure Argan Oil Hydration SPF 30 moisturizer* because it goes on smooth, primes the face for makeup, is hydrating but not greasy, and provides good sun protection. This product is also a great year-round daily moisturizer so I know I’ll be wearing it a lot in the Fall as well, with or without makeup on.
2. Conceal: I rarely wear foundation and have been trying to reduce the amount of makeup products I put on my face in order to let my skin breathe better. This, along with a more focused skincare routine has immensely improved my skin. However when it comes to face makeup, I’ve always been more of a tinted moisturizer gal. My favorite natural tinted moisturizer has always been the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer. (I wear it in the shade White Peach: my review and swatches here.) This product is very nourishing, lightweight and sheer but pigmented enough to even out my skintone and hide any redness. The ingredients do not cause any irritation or acne and it also contains SPF 20 protecting against UVB and UVA rays. I dot this tinted moisturizer all around my face and blend in with my fingers. Sometimes when I’m feeling like wearing less face products, I just use my RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up in #22 for areas where I have redness or spots, or just dab under my eyes. As the temperature drops, I’ll be gravitating towards creamier products or thicker liquid products to keep my skin moisturized and less prone to dry spots. The “Un” Cover-Up is lightweight and non-drying but heavier in texture than my tinted moisturizer so I will probably move towards using this more frequently as Fall ramps up.SummerSkinTag3
3. Mattify face, flush cheeks: In the Summer, my face is prone to being a bit more oiler than usual thanks to the temperatures and humidity. So in order to take down the shine, I’ll take a small bit of the Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation in shade Olive 1 and blend it all over my face, especially in the T-zone. This all natural, mineral-based foundation has made me a lover of loose, powder foundation again, it’s amazing. It is lightweight, matches my skintone perfectly (they have a great range of colors), and doesn’t irritate my skin. This lightweight mineral foundation is perfect for hot summer weather but will be useful as a mattifying powder layer over creamier face products for the Fall. Since I loved the foundation so much (full review will be coming soon), I’ve also been trying out blushes by Alima Pure and love them as well. My favorite is the Satin Matte Blush in Melon, a subtle coral color that looks great with my skin and can double as a blush and contour for me. It’s described as a “warm, peachy terracotta” by Alima Pure and I love how it brightens up my face and highlights my cheekbones. I’ll add deeper color pigment and more moisturizing formulas for Fall with some of my cream blushes from RMS Beauty and something I just purchased, the Just Jenna cream blush from La Bella Figura’s new makeup line.SummerSkinTag4
4. Highlight and contour: Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing blush at all but I always need to use my Illuminator Multi-Stick from ILIA Beauty in Sway. I use this golden-toned cream product to easily contour my cheeks and illuminate the highpoints of my face such as down the bridge of my nose, my forehead, cupid’s bow, and under my browbone. This product helps me keep that Summer glow going year-round and is a lovely shade to define my face or use just on my cheeks as well. I wear this in the Summer and will also continue to use it into Fall. Sometimes, I also dab Sway onto my eyelids as an eyeshadow product or before I add other eye products.
5. Define eyes: I like defining my eyebrows using Benecos Eyebrow Pencil in Brown. It’s a nice, non-budge formula and the color matches well to my hair color. Plus, it has a convenient spoolie brush on the end and overall is affordable for an eyebrow pencil. I’m a recovering eye-shadow junkie but this Summer I tried to go light on eye products. RMS Cream Eye Polish in Magnetic was my go-to product for Summer because it’s quick and easy to apply on-the-go (you don’t need a brush) and sometimes was all I needed on my eyes. It is creamy and pigmented on the eyes and requires just a swipe for the perfect look. Magnetic is a neutral, shimmery taupe-mauve color that’s a perfect year-round eyeshadow and base color. Blend in more color for a smokier, defined eye. The Cream Eye Polish is also a great eyeshadow primer. For fall, I’m adding more browns and violets to my eyes and I love using my Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadows, the ones I use most on a daily basis are Iced Mocha (a neutral taupe), Vamp (a lovely deep violet-mauve to define my crease), Champagne (a shimmery silver for the browbone).
Then, if I feel like adding some more definition to my eyes I will line my eyes with my favorite eyeliner from Benecos, the Natural Kajal Eyeliner in Olive. I love how beautiful this liner looks with my skintone, it is the perfect dark, brown-green. The formula is gentle on my eyes (important for a contacts-wearer), soft but long-lasting, it hardly smudges on me during a normal 8-hour workday and can be drawn thin, smudged out or applied thicker for smokey or more defined eyes. This eyeliner is neutral enough for everyday but also a fun change from the usual black liner. For Fall, I’ll amp up the look with darker cat-eye look using a thicker liquid liner.
Next, if I want to add more drama, I curl my lashes and apply my new favorite mascara from Kjaer WeisThis mascara is great for natural-looking lashes that are defined. I normally don’t like crazy lashes and this product gives my lashes enough volume while never smudging or irritating my eyes.
6. Paint lips: Lastly, when all else fails, I say there’s nothing that can make you look or feel better than a beautiful, bold lipstick. For Summer, I loved wearing bold, bright colors like Jump by ILIA Beauty and this beautiful fuchsia is going to transition well with my usual red-based colors for Fall. ILIA Lipsticks and Tinted Lip Conditioners are my favorite natural lip products because they are so pigmented and nourishing on my lips. There are too many colors to choose from! Arabian Knights is my all-time favorite for Fall but really, all-year round as well. It’s a nice, buildable berry-red that could layer nicely under Jump to create a deeper lip for Fall.

That’s it! Since sadly, Summer is over I tag everyone else who wants to do this and try to mention what products you are transitioning to for Fall. What are your favorite Summer to Fall products? Would you like to see more of these types of routine posts? Let me know in the comments!


*Indicates PR sample provided to me for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. Photos have not been retouched other than cropped and brightened.

15 thoughts on “My Signature Summer to Fall Look- Tag

  1. I love your look! It’s so youthful and bright. I also absolutely adore many of the brands you mentioned including 100% Pure, RMS Beauty, Alima Pure, and Ilia. And I’m really hoping soon, I’ll get to try Benecos and Red Apple Lipstick!

  2. Gorgeous look on you Kasey! Love the natural look and I can easily see how this would also work with a more nude lipstick shade/lip gloss. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been tagged as well but I think peeps will have to wait a while for mine as I usually don’t wear makeup…feel I need to play around with what I have first for a period of time 😛 xx

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