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A Balanced Cleanse for the Body and Soul with Joulebody

Despite everyone rushing to do juice cleanses of all sorts, I’ve never really been a fan of the movement. I have a fast metabolism so I’m always eating or snacking on something to keep my stomach from rumbling and my appetite sated. (Okay, and also to prevent me from being too grumpy during the day.) I consider my eating and exercising habits to be pretty healthy overall yet I’ve also always been curious about the detoxifying and energizing benefits cleanses have been said to have. I just couldn’t see myself surviving on just liquids for a week or longer.

Enter Joulebody. I was first introduced to the local NYC-based company  at a recent bloggers meetup organized by Sarita where Joulebody products were generously provided for us to sample. Joulebody is a 1oo% organic and vegan cleansing program founded by Yvette Rose that involves both juice and healthy food as part of the plan. The program is a plant based, 75% raw foods diet; “food that is packed with essential healing nutrients that have medicinal restorative properties.” Joulebody cleanses will replenish and cleanse your body, as well as restart your metabolism. 

Joulebody was created to support the founder’s, Yvette Rose’s philosophy based on the concept of RADICAL BALANCE. In Yvette’s words, “You can still have chips and a cocktail if you eat your greens and move your body. Treat your body like an investment and it will reward you greatly.”

There are a variety of prepared meals, juices, and snacks you can purchase a la carte or, sign up for the signature and seasonal cleanse programs all of which are delivered right to your doorstep. (Options for delivery within Manhattan, anywhere in the US outside of Manhattan, or pick-up at the NYC location.) Cleanses vary from 3-day, 4-day, 5-day or 20-day cleansing programs. Joulebody cleanses are not only designed to detoxify the body but can also help with weight loss and will help ease into healthier eating habits. The company focuses on detoxifying the body without depriving yourself of delicious, healthy food. For more information on Joulebody, read more about the company’s mission here and here.

I was excited when Joulebody approached me to try out a mini-cleanse for a day, a lighter version of a juice and food Joulebody cleanse. I was a bit nervous too because I’d decided to try the cleanse during a full workday at the office and I’m usually snacking at my desk and starving by noon. But the curiosity in me pushed me to take the plunge and hey, it wasn’t really a full week-long cleanse either. (Phew)

A regular Joulebody cleanse consists of alternating between juice products and “meals” or the healthy food products. (The “Go Cleanse” is the closest Joulebody option to a juice only cleanse.) For my mini-cleanse, I followed the regime Joulebody instructed me with and only had glasses of water along with the cleanse contents that I was provided with. I took notes about my initial thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Here’s how my scheduled cleanse went (click to see each product):


*10am Citrus Juice: Bright and friendly looking to start off my day, I was surprised by how initially spicy this juice was! (Note: my tolerance to spice is very low.) The cayenne pepper was an interesting and potent ingredient in this juice, the spiciness lingered in my throat but I felt it helped in overall cleansing and healing my digestive system. Citrus, lemon juice, and grapefruit mixed with turmeric, cayenne, mint, and maple syrup was a delicious and light blend that didn’t irritate my stomach or leave me feeling especially hungry afterwards. I was surprised at how awake and energized I felt after drinking this and most of all, that my stomach wasn’t grumbling. The last few drops of this juice were hard for me to drink as there was lots of cayenne left at the bottom.

*12pm- Ginger Bar: This was like a thicker, more substantial version of a granola or snack bar. It was fruity and robust in flavor and I found it to be quite delicious. I liked the sweetness of the ginger and goji berries, mixed with the slightly salty taste and crunchy texture of the chia and flax seeds in this bar. This regular sized snack bar was deceivingly a lot for me to eat. I actually felt very sated and satisfied after eating this bar. I actually didn’t even think much about my stomach the rest of the day. Joulebody says these bars contain enough calories to replace a regular meal due to the amount of fiber and natural plant based protein. “Ginger has been scientifically studied to help lose excess weight. Also help regenerate radiant skin with the anti-inflammatory ingredients of cayenne and turmeric.”

*3pm- Green Juice: By this time of the day, I’m usually drained of energy and hungry all over again but at this point I was actually feeling very focused, satisfied, and revitalized. I was excited to try this juice as the ingredients and of course the color peaked my interest. With the first sip, you could definitely taste the turmeric, celery, and cayenne which is a combination of flavors I was not used to at all. Green vegetables in this juice include collard greens, kale, swiss chard, and chlorella. It was a bit too herbal and “green” for me. The texture was what I was expecting, smooth but thicker than I thought. As I kept drinking, the natural tart flavors of the greens mixed with the spiciness of the other ingredients combined pleasantly and I became adjusted to the taste. This one was harder for me to finish just because I didn’t enjoy the texture or the flavors as much as the Citrus one. Overall, this juice made me feel more energized and full. I didn’t have any stomach pains or digestive problems.

*5pm- Brownie Bar: Exactly what it sounds like, this was delicious! Just the right amount of sweetness for the end of the day ,which I always seem to crave. It was the same thick texture of the Ginger Bar with most of the same ingredients but featured the natural bitter sweetness of organic cacao. To me, this was another deceivingly dense snack but it helped curb my hunger and kept me feeling awake and energized.

*7pm- Watermelon Gazpacho: I thought this was the perfect “meal” to end my cleanse with. Light, refreshing and fruity, this gazpacho was just what I needed. I wasn’t feeling too hungry by this point, so the light soup was a satisfying way to cleanse my palate, refresh my body, and complete the day. The gazpacho was delicious and fresh with lots of flavor thanks to fresh parsley, cilantro, basil, lime, and garlic.

Overall thoughts: My mini-cleanse  with Joulebody may have quelled my fear of cleanses. The juices and meals were tasty and filling enough for me to concentrate and feel energized throughout my workday. I was surprised with how awake I felt (no coffee necessary) and how satisfied I was after each part of the cleanse. My usual cravings for food miracualously disappeared during the day! After my mini-cleanse, I definitely felt renewed and my body felt stronger somehow. I really enjoyed that Joulebody cleanses feature both juice and food components so you really are getting enough protein and nutrients to help you get through the day. I appreciate that Joulebody creates their products using organic and vegan ingredients with recipes that taste good. I also admire that the company cares about sustainability with their recyclable and biodegradable packaging. I definitely think I could do a full cleanse now that I’ve experience a bit of what it would be like. I wouldn’t do a cleanse regularly but once in a while I believe can do a lot of good for the body, both inside and out.joulebody4

Would you try a Joulebody cleanse? If you want to try out Joulebody, click HERE and receive a special discount of 25% off any order. Let me know if you do try a cleanse out and how it went for you!


*Products generously provided to me for consideration, all opinions are my own and based upon my experience. 

6 thoughts on “A Balanced Cleanse for the Body and Soul with Joulebody

  1. I’m glad to hear your cleanse went well! I love drinking green juice, but have always been cautious of trying out these cleanses. But, I admire the philosophy of this brand and might give it a try! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Agreed, I think you really have to research and consult professionals regarding your health when committing to juice cleanses. I don’t think it is healthy to do these cleanses solely to lose weight or as an everyday thing. I believe in Joulebody’s program and think it is a wonderful, healthy alternative to a full juice cleanse. Hope you get to try it sometime!

  2. That sounds really interesting! I’ve always been a bit put off by cleansing/juicing but this option sounds good.

    • I definitely can say the same before I discovered Joulebody. I didn’t really think I had a need for cleansing but I like that Joulebody incorporates both food and juices that are organic and vegan.

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